Storm at a glance

The Storm Insurance Group, a division of Westland Insurance Group, is a multi-channel group of insurance organizations, committed to partnering with insurance companies, insurance brokerages, associations, and other organizations that seek custom solutions tailored to their needs.

The operations within the group include A.P. Reid Insurance Stores, a retail personal lines brokerage; A.P. Reid Commercial, a commercial lines operation; Agile Underwriting Solutions, an insurance MGA/wholesaler; ZipSure.ca, a purely digital insurance operation; and MyGroup, a dedicated group national call center.

Storm Insurance Group is building a collection of distinct, yet complimentary insurance businesses through organic growth, new product development and through the acquisition of other insurance operators.

We create products based on market needs

We believe in building business or operations and creating insurance products and solutions to meet the special needs of our clients and the marketplace. When the insurance industry fails to meet the needs of the market, we leverage our collective businesses to develop those custom solutions and determine the best way to distribute them to the end user.

Members of The Storm Insurance Group operate locally, regionally and nationally placing and distributing insurance products across Canada.

We are a capable, experienced and professional partner

As an insurer, partnering with the Storm Insurance Group provides you with access to retail, group, wholesale and digital insurance platforms all in one family of companies. We provide our insurers with significant insurance volumes that are diverse across geography, product mix and distribution method.

As an insurance brokerage considering a partner or a potential acquirer, the Storm Insurance Group is a capable, experienced and professional partner who respects the history and value you bring to your customers and community. We have the capital and financing in place to make significant investments in new brokerages and the management team and operational support to ensure a smooth transition.

Our companies have created many custom built partnerships with other insurance brokerages to support their Group Insurance Services, create custom broker-branded products and to white label the distribution of some of our unique products and programs.